GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Gets a case request.

Request Information

» Parameters

Name Description Additional information
caseRequestId The ID of the case request.

Define this parameter in the request URI.

» Expands

Name Description Usage
casePriority This will retrieve the related case priority. GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}?expand=casepriority
caseStatus This will retrieve the related case status. GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}?expand=casestatus
caseType This will retrieve the related case type. GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}?expand=casetype

Response Information

» Response Body Formats

If this endpoint supports expands, they will be included in the sample response body below. However, please note that expands are NOT included in the response body by default. Expands are only included in the response body if they came through as part of the request.

  "CaseRequest": {
    "City": null,
    "CountryCode": null,
    "StateCode": null,
    "SalesRepId": 0,
    "DueDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
    "FaxNumber": null,
    "ContactChoiceSelected": null,
    "IsRequestAQuoteForm": false,
    "SalesRepName": null,
    "SalesRepEmail": null,
    "AccountId": 11522,
    "CaseOrigin": "Contact Us Form",
    "CasePriority": {
      "CasePriorityId": 2,
      "DisplayOrder": 2,
      "Name": "Medium"
    "CasePriorityId": 3,
    "CaseRequestId": 1,
    "CaseStatus": {
      "CaseStatusId": 1,
      "DisplayOrder": 1,
      "Name": "Pending"
    "CaseStatusId": 1,
    "CaseType": {
      "CaseTypeId": 1,
      "Name": "Case associated with Account"
    "CaseTypeId": 0,
    "CompanyName": "Test",
    "CreateDate": "2021-11-30T08:01:23.7420118-06:00",
    "CreateUser": "",
    "Description": "This is a test message.",
    "Email": "test@znode.com",
    "FirstName": "John",
    "LastName": "Smith",
    "OwnerAccountId": 11522,
    "PhoneNumber": "13453453453",
    "PortalId": 1,
    "Title": "Contact Us Form",
    "StoreName": null,
    "CaseStatusName": null,
    "CasePriorityName": null,
    "CaseNote": null,
    "CaseOldStatusName": null,
    "CaseNewStatusName": null
  "ErrorCode": null,
  "ErrorMessage": null,
  "HasError": false